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  • Эскорт ТД-150

Эскорт ТД-150

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1000mm, 1500mm,2500mm.

3 modes: analog, digital, frequency.

Added analog output signal.

Fuel level SENSOR ESCORT TD-150-high-precision capacitive fuel level sensor (DUT), which is used to monitor the flow, refueling, draining and theft of fuel on all types of vehicles, including agricultural, construction, municipal, other special equipment and stationary tanks, such as diesel generators.

The medium Gasoline, diesel fuel
RS-485 output signal type, frequency signal, analog signal
The resolution of the digital output signal 0,1%
The resolution of the analog output signal is 0.25%
The frequency of the signal 300 ... 4395 Hz
Analog signal range 0.2 ... 9 V
Measurement accuracy in the working area is not worse than 1%
Nonlinearity characteristics, not worse than 1%
Rated supply voltage 7 ... 80 V
Current consumption, not more than 30 mA
Degree of protection IP67
Operating temperature range, °C from -60 to + 85

DUT "Escort TD-150" combines the most common types of output signals:

    Digital RS-485, frequency and analog.
    Quality is confirmed by Certificates of the European Union CE and E-Mark, the certificate of the Customs Union, the certificate of conformity GOST-R.
    The measuring part of the sensor can be easily adapted to any depth of the tank from 15 cm to 6 m.
    The fuel monitoring sensor is easy to configure and perfectly interacts with monitoring systems of any manufacturers.

Additional advantage:

    Galvanic isolation throughout the sensor housing;
    Extended analog signal range from 0.2 To 9V;
    Operating temperature range -60/ + 85 °C;
    An improved algorithm for temperature compensation;
    High degree of protection against moisture and dust IP67;
    The sensor housing is made of polyamide, which has a high degree of resistance to external mechanical influences.

Wires for connection are reliably isolated from external influences by means of a plastic corrugation with the increased durability and plasticity.

The sensor "Escort TD-150" was released in 2017 in response to consumer requests and is a continuation of the fuel sensor "Escort TD-100" with the addition of an analog mode with an extended signal range.

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