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Satellite monitoring of transport

Satellite monitoring of transport is a system of satellite monitoring of mobile objects, a system built on the basis of satellite navigation systems, equipment and technologies of cellular and / or radio communications, computer technology and digital maps. Satellite transport monitoring is used to solve transport logistics problems in transportation management systems and automated fleet management systems.

GPS-monitoring of transport is a technology used in dispatching services in transport, as well as for solving problems of transport logistics in transport management systems and automated fleet management systems to control the actual routes of vehicles using GPS satellites.

The satellite transport monitoring system includes the following components:

    a vehicle equipped with a GPS or GLONASS controller or tracker that receives data from satellites and transmits it to a server monitoring center via GSM, CDMA or less frequently satellite and VHF communications. The last two are relevant for monitoring in places where there is no full GSM coverage, such as Siberia or the far East;
    server center with software for receiving, storing, processing and analyzing data;
    computer Manager, leading the monitoring of cars.

The use of satellite monitoring systems improves the quality and efficiency of corporate transport, and on average by 20-25% reduce fuel costs and maintenance of the fleet.

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