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Xerox has launched an application to automatically send service requests

To send a request, it is enough to describe the problem in a free form on the touch screen of the printing device and select the recipient from the list-corporate support or one of the external service providers. The application will automatically add information about the status of the equipment and other necessary technical data to the message, and then send it to the selected recipient by e-mail.

"As a rule, when applying for support, the user has to explain the situation by phone, personally visit the customer service or fill out an electronic form on the corporate resource. It takes more time and distracts employees from work, — says Oleg Tikhonov, Director of development of service partners of Xerox Russia. — Our new application allows you to initiate an appeal here and now, freeing the user from the need to report technical details — serial number, model and configuration of equipment, diagnostic codes, color of toner, etc. Technical service specialists immediately receive accurate and complete technical information, which means they can solve the problem faster and more efficiently."

The application is available in the Xerox App Gallery and is installed on printers and MFPs of the Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink families. It works in conjunction with a management component that runs on the customer's server or workstation. Two versions of the application are available: for a single printer and for an unlimited fleet of printers and MFPs.

Xerox has long invested in state-of-the-art support technologies that reduce customer costs and time for supplies and services. The Service organization app has expanded Xerox's range of technology solutions to optimize customer service, including Xerox Remote Connect Tool, Xerox CentreWare Web, and other cloud and networking tools.

    communication and reference apps to share information with colleagues and connect with partners;
    applications that integrate documents into the electronic document management system and help to build workflows more efficiently.

Applications from the Xerox App Gallery are easily installed on a Xerox VersaLink or Xerox AltaLink printer directly through its interface. If an application with the required functionality is not available in the gallery, Xerox partners will be able to create it specifically for the customer company, using the developer tools provided by the vendor.


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